PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019


Wi-fi access is totally free for all conference attendees but it requires registration

How to register

Due to really silly regulations in Italy, we are forced to impose (yet another) registration to access the free wifi service at the conference. We are sorry about it, but we have to comply.

Registration is totally free but requires identification. Our wifi partner has a nice registration portal that can identify you through two different means:

  • Credit card: the registration portal will attempt a €1 transaction on your credit card, with immediate chargeback. This requires a valid credit card.
  • Italian SIM card: if you have an Italian SIM card, you will be sent the wifi password through SMS and this is enough for identification purposes. NOTE: if you bought one of our Italian SIMs, you can use it to register to Wifi, but only after you get it at the conference.

Alternatively, we will be able to manually register you at the conference through an ID document (passport, driving license, etc.). Manual wifi registration will not be given full priority so it might take a while to process them. If possible, please pre-register through the portal.

Registration requires to accept an agreement (terms and conditions, and privacy policy) in Italian. We have verified that it only contains a minimum set of legal terms needed to provide the service under Italian regulations, and there is no specific clause that we would think it is unacceptable for an average user. Nonetheless, we provide a non-binding English translation for you to read.

How to login

During registration, you will acquire the credentials (username/password) to use at the conference. The login will be done through your browser (via a captive portal), as soon as you connect to an access point. If you use a laptop, we suggest that you save your username/password in the browser.

A single pair of credentials allows a single connection to the wifi at any given time. If you need to browse the Internet at the same time with two devices, you need two different set of credentials. Notice that if you change back and forth between a laptop and a smartphone, it is totally workable to use a single set of credentials, unless you really need to make network traffic simultaneously on both devices.

If you use a smartphone, to simplify logging in, there are two mobile applications that you can install:

  • Android: Download the ComCom Wifi application to your Android phone. This application will save your username/password pair, will stay in background, and will automatically submit them any time you connect to any of the access points at the conference.
  • iOS: Download the ComCom Wifi application from the iTunes App Store (currently in review). This application will save your username/password pair; you will have to manually launch it anytime you connect to the wifi, and it will resubmit the login credentials, saving you from having to do it manually with Mobile Safari.

Download ComCom app for Android

Download ComCom app for iOS

Choosing an access point

At the conference, your computers will sense many different ESSID (wireless networks). Each network has a name that clearly indicates the room in which the physical access point is located, and the frequency at which it operates: 2.4Ghz (802.11 b/g) or 5Ghz (802.11 n). For instance: EP2011-5G-Ravioli-7EFAD89 means a 5Ghz network in track Ravioli.

Please connect to a 5Ghz network if you see them (that is, if your hardware supports them). They are expected to be far more stable.

When you move around the conference, switch to a network that is physically close to you (that is, the one with the same name of the room you are in). This will greatly reduce the strain on the whole network, as communicating with clients which are distant can impact performance of all clients on the same network.

Should the wifi fail, you can search for an ethernet switch in the room and plug to it. If you want to tether with your smartphone, please avoid wifi tethering or bluetooth tethering (that is, use a cable!) because you would create interferences on the same frequencies of the wifi network.

Trouble with Wifi? Find the red t-shirts!

Two of our wifi partner ComCom's IT specialists are always available for support during the whole conference; they will monitor and tune the Wifi network, and help out people troubling in the registration process. These guys are easily identified by a bright red t-shirt. Should you have any trouble with wifi, talk to them!

Other means to access the Internet at EuroPython

  • Buy one of our Italian prepaid SIMs with data+voice+tethering. Please use a cable to tether at the conference, as both Bluetooth and Wifi tethering will interfere with the EuroPython Wifi network.
  • Find one of the ethernet switches in the conference rooms or open areas, with ethernet cables already attached to them, and plug your laptop. Accessing the Internet through the cabled network does not require any registration or login.