PyCon X


2-5 maggio 2019

Startup Wanted!

If you are part of a startup involved in Python, PyConIT wants you!
This year, after working on getting the python sub-communities more involved in PyCon we decided to aim our gaze at the Python Startup universe.

We want you!

If you founded, work with or are part of a startup partially or totally developed with Python, we are looking for you!
In keeping with the main mission of Python Italia we decided to dedicate ourselves to the Python-Oriented startups. For every partecipant startup we decided to make exposure and our contacts available in order to find new resources and partners.
Every partecipant startup will be then examined by an internal technical panel and few of them will be selected to present their project in an official talk during the conference and to win services that will be kindly offered by our sponsors.
Our idea is straightforward: help who tomorrow will help us to enforce the employment and the spread of Python and to grow the Python community itself.
If you need further information please contact us:

— Matteo, 20 gennaio 2016  pycon7pycon startuppycon settestartup

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